Regina McAllen and Stephen Agosto teaching Musical Theatre Performance

RHSMTA provides comprehensive training in each of the three techniques that comprise Musical Theatre – Acting, Singing, and Dancing. The Musical Theatre Performance course is designed as the core class intended to teach students the application of the three disciplines into one art form. This course training is designed help students develop into grounded, well rounded performers.


The following principles will be applied through various exercises and ensemble work:


Acting class with Frances Mercanti-Anthony


Development of the imagination

Interpretation of text

Listening and responding

Character development


Included will be a basic understanding of the Stanislavsky and Meisner Techniques which involve physical actions to produce honest emotion. Skills will be demonstrated and honed through improvisation, monologue and scene work.



Marian Murphy Powell teaching Private Voice

Through both private and group classes, students will learn proper singing technique and vocal maintenance. During group classes, students focus on ensemble singing, usage of dynamics and phrasing. The class also gives a basic overview of music theory, ear training and aural skills in which singers learn to identify pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements of music solely through listening. Class instruction will reinforce the singer’s ability to listen, blend, and act as one part of the whole.

All  students receive one 30-minute private lesson per week included in their tuition.

During one-on-one instruction, singers will focus on proper breathing, dynamics, and placement of sound. Additionally, students will work on their current class repertoire, honing their skills while expanding their knowledge of the musical theatre canon.



Students of all skill levels are taken through a traditional ballet barre warm-up (30 minutes) and a musical theatre “center” component (60 minutes). Through the exploration of basic musical theatre technique and the study of great choreographers, students will focus on:

  • mtdance

    MT Dance with Ivette Sosa

    muscular understanding and control of the body

  • proper articulation of the foot
  • solidifying the foundation of strong technique
  • a mastery of basic musical theatre dance vocabulary
  • a mastery of ballet/musical theatre dance terminology
  • confidence in a dance-based audition (regardless of skill level)
  • dramatic interpretation and physical expression

By the end of the semester, students will have acquired a strong technique and a process by which to apply it in performance.



Stephen Agosto teaching MT Performance

Students will be lead through a series of exercises that help them develop honesty, encourage risk-taking, and find grounded, unique performances. Additionally, short Musical Theatre History Lessons will teach students the different eras of the art form and how the medium has changed from the early 20th century through present day.

The Musical Theatre Performance class will also designate time to rehearse for the December 2018 showcase.